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News Updates (December 3, 2009) Update … Tungle released various updates for, including a profile bar, custom availability, and free time display. “This week we released exciting new features on, your personal scheduling page. These features: (1) Let you personalize your page to truly make it your own, and (2) Enhance your page to make it do the work for you.” Available immediately. More

Collaboration Downsides … Brad looks at collaboration within negotiation, and discusses some of the downsides. “ … collaborators, in striving for a win-win solution, almost always believe that progress is being made as minor issues are agreed upon, but in the long run, even these minor agreements are broken by competitors. Collaborators soon discover that they have actually lost ground, with nothing to show for all of their efforts. This is the myth of the win-win negotiation. Without trust and respect from both parties, collaboration is not possible. And when you are up against a competitor, the only effective strategy is to become a competitor. All other strategies will be ineffective, with frustration as the only reward.More

SharePoint 2010 for Social Computing … NewsGator is hosting a webinar on December 15 looking at the social computing features in SharePoint 2010. “Since the SharePoint Conference in October 2009 where Microsoft unveiled SharePoint 2010, organizations have been eager to learn more about the new features available in the release. One of the major improvements that Microsoft will provide in SharePoint 2010 is expanded social computing functionality. Get a firsthand look at SharePoint 2010’s social features by joining Microsoft’s SharePoint Product Manager for Social Computing, Alina Fu, and NewsGator’s VP of Products, Brian Kellner, as they present the top 10 social computing features in SharePoint 2010.” Registration required. More

Office 2010: User vs. Ecosystem … Frank thinks Office 2010 doesn’t directly offer all that much to the end user. “So, other than a minor facelift, Office 2010 seems to offer very little for the traditional user, which might make this a difficult product for the Channel to sell. On the other hand, Office 2010 may create a completely new ecosystem of online integration opportunities for solution providers by allowing them to create new ways for their customers to share and store documents/spreadsheets/presentations. What’s more, if Office 2010 is successful in moving that information into the cloud, perhaps those expected new capabilities will become the catalyst for the SMB market to adopt the cloud and move away from traditional onsite servers and applications.More

Collaboration for Dummies … IBM released an ebook, “Collaboration for Dummies”, for IBM Business Partners (but you can find it elsewhere too). “Overall, this book hits right where it was designed and keeps it short enough not to lose attention. It does not dig deep into what is the best product, nor does it answer questions it asks directly. Instead, it forces the reader to make assumptions and decisions to get the movement of collaboration in their own environment and encourages checking out all the possibilities before choosing what platform you wish to build on.

Other Items
– Jason Womack’s first book, co-authored with Craig, is now available for pre-order. It’s called “The Promise Doctrine”.

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