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News Updates (October 28, 2009)

Gartner on Collaboration in 2013 … Gartner is projecting a transition by 2013 from document-centered to Web 2.0-style collaboration at work. “While retaining secondary support for documents, 80 per cent of enterprise collaboration platforms will primarily be based on browser-based Web 2.0 techniques by 2013, according to Gartner. As wiki-like collaboration techniques mature and gain more acceptance, Web 2.0 approaches will become increasingly influential, the report said. Gartner expects that managing users’ transition from a file-orientation to Web 2.0 approach will be a major challenge for organisations.More

Google Wave in 2010? … Google Wave may be released towards the end of 2010, along with an App Store. “When questioned about the possibility of an app store, Rasmussen said “Developers have asked us a lot for a market place where we’ll help them sell their extensions to our users including a revenue share so we’ll also make some money from it. I’ll be very surprised if we don’t go down that route.” The Google Wave collaboration tool is still a subject of mystery to many people, but has attracted great excitement since its beta launch in May. Google’s aim is to create a remote virtual work environment by combining elements of email, instant messaging, social networking and workplace collaboration software into a single web application.More

OfficeMedium … OfficeMedium is a web-based collaboration and intranet tool. “OfficeMedium is a recently launched startup that offers on-demand, web-based intranet and collaboration software for businesses and work groups. The private and secure networks offer a wide array of features meant to centralize and streamline important information and data, unlike other applications which seem to focus on single, often over-detailed and confusing, offerings, such as project management, contact relationships, or “enterprise twitters”.More

TelePresence Savings … Milliman in Australia reports significant business benefits from adopting telepresence. “Milliman had been trying to overcome one major hurdle — how to use its international expertise to sell certain products locally. For instance, it offered retirement savings products that had sold well overseas, but it had not been able to duplicate that success here …. With telepresence, distance is no longer a barrier and Milliman’s local customers have face-to-face meetings with the consultancy’s overseas experts to get first-hand knowledge and advice on trends and products.” Milliman went with Tandberg equipment. More

BT Workspace Dies … BT Workspace, the online collaboration workspace based on SharePoint and offered by BT, has been canned. Customers are being offered a Glasscubes account instead. “US-based SMBLive which had run the BT Workspace, has decided to try and offer an alternative. So they are partnering with UK-based Glasscubes, offering former Workspace users a new Glasscube account. Glasscubes came out in Autumn 2008 and has seed funding from private investors, but is only just now launching. BT Workspace was a collaborative project between BT and US-based SMBLive which provided small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with online workspaces based on Microsoft SharePoint technology, allowing businesses to share information and manage documents.More
BT’s notice to current and new customers.

Other Items
– Long story on CNN about the people behind Google Wave.
– The Apple iMac 27″ is stunning, says Ken.
– Avanade in Australia is helping enterprises embrace Microsoft’s hosted offerings.
– Mindjet is hosting o Webinar on using MindManager 8 for projects, on November 10. Registration required.
– If you’re a project manager, perhaps Wrike can save you 30 hours a month too.

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