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Review of ShowDocument, a co-authoring and co-editing tool.

It’s easy to collaborate when the other person is sitting next to you. You can point to a specific sentence in a document, illustrate your idea through impromptu sketches, and write notes on the page margins. On the other hand, working with someone remotely is a different ball game. It can be challenging to get your point across via email, for example, sometimes resulting in lengthy back and forth exchanges. There’s definitely a need for better remote collaboration tools.

ShowDocument is a web application that tries to fill in this gap.

The current beta version of ShowDocument accepts .txt, .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, and even image files like .jpg, and .gif. Aside from English, it also supports documents written in Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Arabic. If you’re worried about security, according to the site, documents are erased from their databases shortly after the sessions are terminated.


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