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WWPYCBW: Technology (August 22, 2008)

Going International with PhoneFusion
PhoneFusion offers a cheaper approach to global roaming than paying wireless telcos for roaming charges. Eg, for customers going to China, “With PhoneFusion One, there is no need to get a special global phone or make international roaming arrangements with a wireless carrier in advance. Once the user arrives at his travel destination, he can stop in any mobile phone store (found almost everywhere in Beijing) and purchase a local SIM card to put into his phone (SIM cards run about $10-$15). This SIM card will provide the cell phone with a local number. The next step is to log onto PhoneFusion One and update the call forwarding to the new local, Beijing number.

Box Enterprise added new features to its enterprise edition, including reporting, version history, better email integration, and time zone settings, among others.

Zoho Share
Zoho announced Zoho Share, as a way for users to aggregate their different information into shareable collections. “Zoho Share gathers all the Zoho users’ content published in the individual Zoho applications and makes it available from a central interface. When Zoho Business moves out of private beta, Zoho Share will serve as the dashboard for all published content within an organization.

Quick Links
TimeDriver offers a way of indicating time-availability for meetings.
– Virtual desktops provides a cheap way of getting more screen real estate.

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