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Daily Report for July 6, 2007

Team Collaboration

  • SharePoint at SimCorp … Tony offers a case study of how SimCorp uses SharePoint for its corporate intranet, including how to offer up-to-date content, employee and competence search, and more. He also talks about how SimCorp organizes the people side of SharePoint: “The intranet team comprises of an Intranet manager, four Knowledge Managers (one for each line of business), and a Content Manager for each portal. The Knowledge Managers serve to organize the Content Managers, address their concerns, give them assistance in building and maintaining their portals, and advise them how to provide the best portal possible for their audience, whether that be a department, group, or the entire company. Each Content Manager is pictured on their portal (so everyone knows who to go to with questions) and is responsible for making sure that the documents saved on their portal are kept up to date by their creators.IntranetBlog
  • Web 2.0 at Intel … Jeff writes about the use of Web 2.0 technologies at Intel. “So what is the value I see? There are several, but for me the biggest is that these capabilities are convention busters. Intel has a deeply rooted culture, and like every culture it has strengths and weaknesses. These tools can help Intel route through (or around) some of our weaknesses to become more effective. Here are my thoughts on some of the basic tools … IT@Intel Blog (hat tip, Rafael)
  • TaskBin in Beta … MangoSpring released the beta of TaskBin, an online service for sharing tasks among group members. “TaskBin makes it easy for you to manage a team, event, or group project. You can easily add members and keep track of what gets done and when! Our user-friendly design makes it easy to track what everyone is doing. You can easily see a summary of what was recently added or completed, or see the task lists of all members in your group.TaskBin
  • On the Power of TelePresence … Based on a recent link up between Toronto and Vancouver (using Cisco’s offering), Chris writes …”For some, it can be a little disconcerting at first, but in time, participants can almost forget that they’re not sitting in the same room with those on the other end of the call. Part of that seamlessness is because of the high-definition video, but another big part of it is the three-channel audio. When people speak on the other end of the call, their voices appear to come from their sitting positions. Also, when someone stands up and walks from one of the room to the other, his voice will move with his image (even though his head is likely to get off at the top of the screen).ConnectITNews
  • IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition … IBM released a new version of its enterprise search software, OmniFind Enterprise. “The new version of IBM’s OmniFind Enterprise Edition search software provides a single interface for enterprise search, discovery and analysis for IBM Lotus Domino environments. The new software also delivers an unprecedented view into the rich content that can be exposed when the Lotus software platform is mined from a seamless enterprise search interface. Also announced today are new security and search capabilities for WebSphere clients …. IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition delivers rich indexing of all Lotus Domino fields including attachments, as well as fielded search. It also understands the structure of Lotus Notes databases and comes with pre-built support for Lotus Quickr, Lotus QuickPlace and Domino.Doc databases, Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Exchange as well as the ability to crawl IBM Workplace Web Content Management.IBM
  • RTC in SharePoint and Open Text … Hyperwave and TechRP are planning to commercialize the integration between Hyperwave eConnferencing (a suite of real-time collaboration capabilities, such as presence, IM, IP voice and video, white boarding, and more) and both Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Open Text Livelink. “The Hyperwave eConferencing Suite can run as a stand alone application or as a fully integrated extension of the MOSS and Livelink ECM platforms. Users can see at a glance which colleagues are online and available. With a click of a mouse they can start an instant chat, voice, video, whiteboard, and application or desktop sharing session. The eConferencing Suite also offers a selection of tailored meeting templates. The eConferencing Suite actively contributes to improving information dissemination within a company, as all sessions can be saved and replayed
  • iPolipo for Meeting Scheduling … iPolipo offers a meeting scheduling service that includes the selective and secure sharing of calendar data with others. An iPolipo user designates time in their Microsoft Outlook calendar as being available for meetings with specified groups of people, and then when others want to schedule a meeting with that person, they can browse available meeting times on the iPolipo site. Available immediately. iPolipo
  • Due Diligence Required on Messaging Platforms … Insight into a recent messaging infrastructure decision (at a University) made for cost saving reasons that didn’t go too well. “True due diligence, foresight and openness in the email system selection process at UGA could have saved them a lot of heartache after their decision. Instead, emotion, politics and frugality ruled the day and now they are paying the price.ControlsCaddy
  • RSS in the Enterprise … James points to a whitepaper by Worklight on the challenges / requirements of bringing RSS technology into the enterprise, and he sees three broad issues: (1) a multitude of data structures, (2) scalability, and (3) security. The white paper is available at no charge (registration required). ChiefTech


  • Sync for iPhone … CompanionLink Software released a CRM application synchronization add-in for Apple iPhone users. For Windows only, and requires the presence of Microsoft Outlook. “The solution will synchronize contacts and calendar from ACT! by Sage, GoldMine, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Time & Chaos, Google Apps, and Palm Desktop to the Apple iPhone. With this innovation, ahead of all other competitors, CompanionLink again proves its rapid development capability introducing synchronization solutions for new devices, platforms and technologies.” Available immediately. MarketWire
  • Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry TCO … Microsoft released a sponsored study on the total cost of ownership of Windows Mobile and Exchange vs. Research In Motion BlackBerry. Peter de Haas (and see the discussion at Ed Brill’s site)


  • Discover Your Strengths … Steve writes about the clarity he’s discovered on his strengths (and thus areas of contribution) as a result of reading “Now, Discover Your Strengths”. Highly recommended. Connecting the Dots
  • Effectiveness with Voice Mail … Hints and tips on how to leave effective voice mail messages. Great ideas. ConnectITNews
  • Bounce Back from Failure … When leaders fail, they need to bounce back and thus create triumph from tradegy. There’s a new book out dealing with this. FASTCompany Blogs
  • Overcome 12 Presentation Mistakes … Paul and Peg write about the top 12 presentation mistakes, and how to overcome them: (1) overlooking “Murphy”, (2) delivering split presentations, (3) positioning yourself incorrectly, eg, stand to the left of the display, (4) choosing the wrong screen size and position, (5) seating decision makers in the wrong chairs, (6) dimming the lights, and 6 more! ManageSmarter
  • Overcome Procrastination … 11 step method to overcome procrastination. I must put this into practice some day. LifeHack

Other Stuff

  • Tutorial on Tagging … Ellyssa offers a tutorial on folksonomies and user-based tagging, written back in 2005. InfoTangle
  • 10,000 Hours to Mastery … Genius and mastery of a subject or topic takes persistent work … upwards of 10,000 hours. Collaboration with others is important too. IDEALOG

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