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Daily Report, May 2

Team Collaboration

  • Clearspace and Clearspace X 1.1 … Jive Software released Version 1.1 of Clearspace, its enterprise collaboration software, as well as Clearspace X, an external community edition of the same technology. New features: user interface improvements, Save as PDF option, additional reports, and better presence integration, among others. Available immediately. Jive Software
  • NewsGator Enterprise Server 2.0 … NewsGator released Version 2.0 of its NewsGator Enterprise Server for RSS in the enterprise. “Highlights of NGES 2.0 include a new Ajax-based Web interface, sorting of feeds and articles by relevance to the user, tagging support, enhanced reporting, support for the NewsGator Go! mobile readers, and feed-reading add-ons to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and Lotus Notes.” Available immediately. NewsGator, with coverage at ComputerWorld and InfoWorld. NewsGator separately announced an expanding list of customers.
  • Outlook 2007: An Advertisement for Web Mail … Tim charges that “the rich feature set found in Outlook combined with its full offline capability is meant to persuade us that web applications cannot yet replace their desktop cousins. In practice, Outlook 2007 has been an advertisement for web email, whether that is Outlook Web Access, the browser-based client for Microsoft Exchange, or internet-hosted email from third parties such as Google.IT Week


  • Re-Deploy It, Don’t Just Work More … When moving to a freelancing work style, people often recover significant amounts of commuting time. Cyan says that instead of merely working extra during previous commute time, do something other than work. “The key is to get away from your computer for those times – so it’s best not to use your commute time to read blogs or chat on forums. Make it a time to do something important that will make a difference for you.FreelanceSwitch
  • MindManager 7 … Mindjet announced Version 7 of MindManager, its mind mapping application for Windows and Mac. “MindManager 7 optimizes productivity with a new, easy to use interface that delivers quick results to achieve new levels of project and process improvement, communication and interactions, as well as access to and management of key information.” The Mac version is significantly enhanced: “These include a powerful new way to select topics by rules, which can be saved and applied as filters; printing enhancements that allow users to print large maps across multiple pages and add headers and footers and borders to printed maps; enhanced import and export capabilities, including OPML, HTML, Text Outline and more. Mac version users can now instantly view maps in a new Outline View. There are also significant image library enhancements, allowing users to find images quickly using keywords or a zoom slider to enable multiple or up-close image views. MindManager 7 Mac also includes a new timer to keep meetings and brainstorming sessions on track and improved background image handling and main topic alignment.” Available June 2007. Mindjet and prnewswire (hat tip, Eric and Chuck)
  • Say “Yes” to Others … It’s easy to say “no” … to turn people away, to squash their ideas. Try saying “yes” … “Everyone has goals, dreams, and many people let their dreams sit in the distance out of a sense of duty or routine. We can help catalyze breakthroughs by being the person who encourages them and supports their journey.2Weeks2aBreakthrough
  • Optimize Your Day … Scott outlines three strategies for optimizing your daily routine: (1) squeeze more into a smaller amount of time (requires higher focus and concentration), (2) vacuum out the major time wasting activities, freeing up time for more valuable pursuits, and (3) insert high value activities into your day that will force lower priority items to the sideline. Scott Young
  • Get More Sleep … Lack of sleep leads to a serious decline in the quality of work, poor judgment, and trouble retaining information. The solution? Get more of it. However, a recent survey found that only 13% of Americans are willing to make lifestyle changes to get a sufficient amount of sleep. ConnectITNews

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