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Daily Report, Jan 20

Team Collaboration

  • Oren on Collaboration Tools … Oren from the University of Washington recently participated in a panel discussion on collaboration tools in higher education. I think we see eye to eye on his major comment herein: “For my part in the presentation, I reiterated some of the points I made at last spring’s discussion of this topic, and went on to comment that what we’re now experiencing in the collaborative tools space is somewhat analogous to the Cambrian explosion, where we have a tremendous proliferation of new species of software appearing almost on a daily basis and combining and evolving at a very rapid rate, making it very difficult to figure out which ones we should engage with at an enterprise level, or even how to construct a meaningful taxonomy of these applications.Oren Sreebny’s Weblog, and see StoneSoup for the presentation files.
  • Hosted SharePoint from Apptix … Apptix released its Hosted SharePoint service, based on the new version of SharePoint from Microsoft. There’s a number of plans depending on customer requirements. BusinessWire
  • Strategies for IM Annoyance … Anne lists all the ways to really really annoy people via instant messaging conversations. This is intended to be a list of things to avoid, not a recipe for tomorrow! Web Worker Daily
  • Review of Xythos on Demand … Lauren from SmallBusinessComputing reviews Xythos on Demand, the new hosted Web-based document management service from Xythos. SmallBusinessComputing
  • Three Keys for Virtual Teams … (1) purpose shapes function and structure, (2) leadership rotates according to the task at hand, and (3) constant communication fosters a sense of [shared] identity. Bioteams
  • $2.25m for Near-Time … Near-Time accepted $2.25 million in additional funding. The monies will be used for hiring new people, and continued product development. LocalTechWire
  • … and Meebo Got $9m … Meebo, a provider of a multi-headed instant messaging client, announced $9 million in new funding. ITPro


  • GTD via Remember the Milk … One GTD’er has posted about how they are using Remember the Milk for implementing GTD. They offer five tips. GeekTronica
  • StyleyGeek on Productivity … StyleyGeek reviews the strategies that did and did not work for her from a productivity perspective during 2006. There’s some good ideas, and some interesting takes on things. And rebooting your day is a neat idea too. Fumbling Towards Geekdom
  • Work/Life “Balance” or “Synergy” … “Everyone seems to be talking about work/life balance: why it’s so important, how to get it, why it’s so hard to keep. What do they really mean by it, though? Seems to me they’re really looking for a static condition – a certain optimal amount of time and energy mix between work and the rest of your life. Something they can achieve, and once achieved, maintain consistently. Something they can count on, plan around, and relax about once the “work” is done. … But It’s Not That Simple. Here’s the problem: balance isn’t like that.Basquette Case. For “synergy” as the answer, see Beyond Balance (PDF)

Other Stuff

  • Dark Side of Blogging … Paul cautions bloggers in corporate environments about appropriateness in blogging. “Corporate blogging is not a right, it’s a responsibility. As fun as blogging may be to wannabe writers, breaking blog etiquette in a corporate environment — whether implicitly or explicitly — can be cause for dismissal or legal action.Intranet Journal (hat tip, Dorje)
  • From Prospect to Client … Change your attitude about prospects, and see them as clients already. “Imagine what it would be like to treat every prospective client you encounter as if you were already working together. Every time you contact your prospects, you offer an article they might be interested in, an introduction to someone who might help them with a goal, or an invitation to an upcoming event in their field. When you meet with them, you listen to their problems and recommend solutions. When you contact them after a meeting, you suggest resources for helping them address the issues you discussed. The solutions and resources you recommend may include your products and services, of course, but you don’t stop there. You also offer answers that don’t involve hiring you.HomebizBuzz (second hat tip, Dorje)

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