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Daily Report, Dec 21

Team Collaboration

  • Meeting Maker 8.6 … PeopleCube released Version 8.6 of Meeting Maker, its calendaring and scheduling software. “This new release complies with revised dates of Daylight Saving Time (DST) as outlined in the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005. By issuing this release, meetings scheduled in Meeting Maker with people across certain time zones during the new DST dates, scheduled to go into effect in March 2007, will appear at the correct time. In addition, this new version of Meeting Maker is compatible with NotifyLink for Meeting Maker, a solution from Notify Technology Corporation that enables Meeting Maker users to access their calendars, email and more from Blackberry and other wireless devices.Meeting Maker
  • iOra 4.10 … Corpora Software released Version 4.10 of iOra, its application acceleration and offline networking software. “New and enhanced features include support for SharePoint 2007, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security, advanced configuration user interface, cross forest access rights replication, automated disk space management and faster SharePoint replication. Together these features position iOra is as the world’s most advanced enterprise replication management software.WebITPr
  • Alfresco Inside … Alfresco released Version 1.4 of its open source embedded ECM platform, which is designed to be embedded into other applications to provide a strong content infrastructure. Alfresco released the first edition of its embeddable platform in October 2005. CollaborationLoop
  • SharePoint 2007 GroupBoard Workspace … Microsoft introduced another workspace template for SharePoint 2007, called GroupBoard. It was originally developed for the Japanese market. “The GroupBoard Workspace template creates a space for a group or team to connect and share information in a collaborative environment to improve team efficiency and productivity. The template helps track team member whereabouts and status, and includes a built-in timecard list and organization chart. Meetings can be scheduled with attendees, and meeting rooms and other resources can be reserved. It also enables members to share phone messages and circulate memos.Mary Jo Foley
  • Zoho Wiki … Zoho released Zoho Wiki, for online authoring of documents. Includes a WYSIWYG editor, public/private settings at the wiki level, integration with Zoho Single Sign-on, and more. Sign up at Zoho Wiki. Zoho Blog, with coverage at TechCrunch


  • Benefit from Social Networking? … Dave reflects on how much of his social networking leads to actionability rather than just unactionability. “And how much of the five types of ‘actionable’ knowledge in Rob’s list actually results in real, meaningful, sustainable change – of process, behaviour or mind? Not much, I’d say. Many have argues that most bloggers and blog readers, for example, are looking in the ‘echo chamber’ for confirmation of what they already believe (preferably in an entertaining format) – type 4 stuff. At best, that might push people to move from belief to action on that belief. But I’m skeptical – for many, confirmation seems to be more an excuse for inaction (‘if we all agree, surely someone else is likely to do something about it’) than a provocation to action.How to Save the World

Other Stuff

  • Apple Goodwill “Get a Mac” Video … Putting aside their differences, “Mac” and “PC” wish everyone “happy holidays”. Apple

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