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Daily Report, Dec 4

Team Collaboration

  • Making Online Work Successful … Jon shares some tips for making online collaborations successful. “These can be remembered as the Rule of Two: they are a set of prescriptions that are easy to do, easy to measure, and in our experience will dramatically increase the probability that your online activity will be successful. Taken together, they will turbo-charge your collaboration, assuming of course that a) you have an important issue to work on together, b) you have support from senior management, and c) you invite the right people to the party.groupMind Blog
  • AIM Pro for Wall Street … Wall Street Source and AOL announced the release of a customized version of AOL’s AIM Pro instant messaging client for financial services organizations. “The customized AIM Pro for Wall Street Source includes an easy-to-use module that allows users to directly access Wall Street Source’s content and applications designed for the equity markets. Through the Wall Street Source module, users have quick and easy access to the latest financial news, events, portfolio information and one-click access to Wall Street Source’s popular Dashboard, a web-based platform that integrates multiple databases, news feeds, and applications in a user-friendly, one-stop-shopping toolbar.BusinessWire
  • Microsoft Released a Couple of Updates … Those would be Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Exchange 2007. Wow. “The new versions of Windows, Office and Exchange Server 2007 are the result of an unprecedented collaboration between Microsoft and its customers. Real-life scenarios guided product development through feedback from customers who volunteered to let Microsoft watch them work in more than 1 billion user sessions. During testing, customers from around the world downloaded more than 5 million beta versions of the products and provided valuable feedback and suggestions.” Available immediately for business customers; in a while for consumers. Microsoft
    • Captaris RightFax, Workflow and Alchemy … Captaris announced support across its document-centric business process software products. prnewswire
    • Bentley Systems … ProjectWise StartPoint provides direct access to SharePoint 2007 from within various CAD applications. Geospatial Online
    • Interwoven, Inc. … Interwoven announced that Interwoven WorkSite, its collaborative content management platform, will be (emphasis added) fully compatible with these new products. Yahoo Finance
    • Meridio … Version 5 of Meridio’s enterprise document and records management solution supports all three. CMS Wire
    • Parlano, Inc. … MindAlign announced support for Office 2007. Parlano
    • TANDBERG … TANDBERG integrated its video conferencing products with SharePoint 2007, for video call scheduling, streaming, and archiving of video material. BusinessWire
    • Dell’s Ready to Help … It is standing by ready to help businesses roll these things out. “Dell has laid the foundation for an easy and fast transition to Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 through engineering expertise, customer tools and tailored services. For example beginning tomorrow, a customer with a volume licensing agreement from Microsoft can send Dell its Windows Vista image and have Dell factory-install it through its standard imaging service.BusinessWire
    • Exchange is an “Oversized SUV” … David from Ipswitch called Exchange 2007 an “oversized SUV” that lacked any real improvements. IT Pro
    • … but Lion Nathan Wants It … It has committed to an organization-wide rollout of Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007; expectations are for server consolidation from 10 to 3, and new mobile access capabilities for staff. ZDNet Australia

  • JotSpot Customers Shut Out? … Some customers are complaining that they have lost access to their data in JotSpot, post the Google acquisition. Ouch. Read/Write Web


  • One and Half Weeks with a BlackBerry, and Matt’s a Convert … “I think I’m a Blackberry convert. As of now, I have no plans to pick up the Treo 680 or 750 (I really hate the Windows interface, and it has nothing to do with an antipathy toward monopolies – I just don’t like the software). You lost my business, Palm, simply by not having your product available for me when I needed it (and when you said you had it). I’d be very happy to give the 680 a spin, but since I don’t want to have to buy it to evaluate it, I think I’ll be sticking with the Berry.InfoWorld Blogs


  • Arm-Mounted Task Reminder … David’s got a super-kewl idea for keeping focused on the task at hand (arm?): the arm-mounted index card scabbard. I’ve been wearing my task list around my neck, but this one even better. David Seah. Note that there are commercial alternatives available.
  • Don’t Embrace the Shortest Path … A wonderful reminder that although it is theoretically true that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, it’s not often possible in the real world. “So the next time you face a formidable problem, when something stands in your way and pushes against you with all its might, consider taking a different route. An oblique route. It’s how the greatest thinkers in history have reached their destinations, so it’s probably good enough for you, too.” From a productivity perspective, sometimes taking a bit longer to do the thinking upfront, to explore some different viewpoints, etc., can lead to a better overall outcome for you and your business. Red Sweater
  • Don’t Wait for the Muse – Just Go … When you’re faced with a project or a decision, don’t wait until you feel like doing it, or when you have a stream of great ideas. Just start … write … mind-map … doodle … and sometime will show up … and you’ll be on your way. This builds on Kathy’s earlier constrain-driven creativity as a means of actually getting something done. Creating Passionate Users
  • Set Personal Goals … Gordon reflects on one thing he’s seen in common in highly successful people: they have a clear blueprint for the future. Gordon Whyte
  • Transformations will happen … but not overnight. Jason Womack

Other Cool Stuff

  • Is RSS Dying for Sites that serve Ads? … Steve thinks so. “I’m going to bet we’ll see more and more companies controlling their RSS feeds to make 100% certain that anything offered has a compelling reason to click-through. Fast Company magazine does this with intriguing article headers and a one sentence abstract. 90% of the time I’m interested enough to click through and read some of the articles they offer. I end up seeing the context of the article, photos and, of course, all the ads that surround it.Connecting the Dots
  • GE Ink … Free online collaborative whiteboard service, courtesy of GE. SitePoint
  • Voice Mail Tips … Five point plan on how to leave effective voice mails. Go-To-Market Strategies

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