Friday's Friends Report, Jun 2

Memorial Day 2006
I don’t live in the United States, and the US military isn’t “my” military, but I too want to say “thank you” to those that have served, and especially those that have served and have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

My friends have said thanks too:

Down here in New Zealand we have a “memorial day” on April 25 for our soliders, and we call it ANZAC Day.

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Roundup of my Friends

  • Bob Serr … CTO at Parlano, has launched his blog. Bob says he “will be using [his] blog to discuss concepts, ideas and trends in the collaboration space”. Welcome … and bring it on! So …
  • Ian McKenzie … offers some excellent time management tips culled from Jim Rohn. Good thoughts, such as “Never begin the day until it is finished on paper” (ok Eric, or “on your Tablet”). Ian’s Messy Desk
  • Jeffrey Phillips … gives a framework for how to make a corporate/business decision in 30 days or less. Thinking Faster
  • Mike Jetter … and team released MindManager for the Mac. Following 18 months of development, and two recent beta release cycles, MindManager for the Mac is out. The .mmap file type is fully cross-platform, supporting both Windows and Mac. Congrats to Mike and all of his team. I’ve got it! Mindjet Blog
  • Roderick Deane … Chairman and ex-CEO of Telecom New Zealand, is stepping down at the end of June. There’s a few changes going on down here in New Zealand related to our telecoms environment, and he has decided to call it a day. I first met Dr Deane in 1994 at TUANZ, and in the next couple of years while working at Telecom, had the opportunity to present to him and his senior management team a number of times. I’ve never forgotten one of his statements: “I have 5-6 things to do each year” … I didn’t “get” what he was referring to then as a 25-year old, but I do now. All the best for this next stage of your life Dr Deane! ComputerWorld
  • Steve Borsch … author of the blog “Connecting the Dots”, shares the top 10 blogs he reads. There were some new entries in there for me … Thanks for sharing Steve. Connecting the Dots
  • Tris Hussey … Canadian blogger and the alliances guy at Qumana has decided to write a book on working at home. Check out the development of his book at the book blog. Work at Home Book Blog

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