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Tuesday's Team Collaboration Report

Telstra Launches Web Contact Centre
Telstra, the phone company in Australia, is working on Web Contact Centre, a communication and collaboration platform for distributed teams. The service integrates email, instant messaging, presence, voice calling, and video conferencing. Incorporates technology from Microsoft (Communicator) and Siemens (Live Connect).

Target release date is in July 2006.


Office 12 and Google Calendar
Scott reports that he has been successful in opening iCal invitations from Outlook 2007 within Google Calendar. He has not been able to do the same thing in Apple iCal, however.

Source: Calendar Swamp
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Lotus Hannover to Include ODF-Compliant Productivity Tools

Lotus “Hannover”, the next version of the Notes client from IBM, will include a suite of productivity tools that supports the Open Document Format standard. This includes word processing, presentation, and spreadsheeting capabilities. The tools “can also import and edit Microsoft Office documents and export those documents to ODF for sharing with ODF-comliant applications and solutions.”

Source: IBM (Hat tip, Bruce), Screen Shot, TG Daily
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Remember the Milk Introduces API and Calendar Integration

Remember the Milk is a Web 2.0 service for creating, managing and sharing task lists. The team there have just released an API to allow developers to interact with task items stored in Remember the Milk. Kudos.

Remember the Milk also improved its ability to add RTM task lists onto your existing calendar. Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Mozilla Sunbird are supposed; I’m guessing that Oulook 2007 will be too once it ships next year.

Source: Remember the Milk, And Again
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New Research Advisory Service at Burton Group

The Burton Group, an analyst company, has introduced a new Research Advisory Service focused on “Communication, Collaboration and Content Management Technologies”. I have a great deal of respect for The Burton Group, and would peg this as the new standard in this area.

Collaboration and Content Strategies (CCS) offers IT organizations a suite of analysis tools, including a Reference Architecture decision-making framework that is based on the CCS team’s extensive industry knowledge and field experience. These analysis tools help enterprise technologists optimize their collaboration and content infrastructure and deliver collaborative applications that improve business performance while adhering to enterprise policies regarding content lifecycle management.

Released reports include Virtual Workspaces: Hubs for Activity-Centric Collaboration (by Mike Gotta) and Blogs, Wikis, and Beyond: New Alternatives for Communication and Collaboration (by Peter O’Kelly).

Two of my friends are deeply involved: Peter O’Kelly is the Research Director, and Mike Gotta is the principal analyst. Burton is offering a complimentary report to start the service entitled Communication, Collaboration, and Content: Compelling Convergence (registration required).

Well done guys, and all the best!

Source: Peter O’Kelly’s Blog, Burton Group
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NewsGator Releases Version 2.1 of NetNewsWire for the Mac

NewsGator released Version 2.1 of NetNewsWire, its RSS newsreader for Mac OS X. New features: synchronization with the Newsgator online platform, native support for Intel-based Macs, new attention-based sorting, and integration with Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher. Available immediately. This is the RSS newsreader that I use. I’ve upgraded.

Source: NewsGator

CustomerVision Releases BizWiki
CustomerVision released BizWiki, a hosted wiki platform for enterprise customers. Adds a layer of control over the content that can be added to the wiki, and/or modified in existing pages, so as to make wiki software sit better with the management team. From Intranet Journal:

Using group permissions, administrators can easily limit who has full editing permissions, who can only discuss articles, and who can only read the content. It’s an ideal solution for extranets, where you want people outside the company to be able to view pages, but not to edit them. Managers also have the option of creating completely open wikis for special creative groups or for projects, then moving those wikis into the larger intranet as the projects move along, in order to solicit comments from others.

Source: CustomerVision, Intranet Journal

Colligo SharePoint
Colligo released Version 1.0 of its clients to support offline access to SharePoint content. Colligo Reader 1.0, which is free, permits any SharePoint user to pull SharePoint content down to their laptop for offline access. Colligo Contributor 1.0, which is $99 per user, provides bi-directional synchronization for offline editing and access.

Congrats to Barry and his team.

Source: Colligo
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Other News
Xythos hit the 2.5 million user mark for its document and content collaboration system. Enables easy sharing of documents inside and outside of the enterprise.

Zimbra announced new international hosting partners for hosted Zimbra.

Liferay and Alfresco announced a bundling agreement, whereby Alfresco’s content management platform will be bundled with Liferay’s portal platform.

InfoWorld published an indepth review of Notes and Domino 7. The author liked it.

EMC released the report it commissioned Ferris Research to write, entitled “The Benefits of Integrating Enterprise Content Management and Team Workspaces”.

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