Twelve Bullet Points

It has been said that a career can be built around 12 bullet points. Twelve major ideas into which you pour everything you have for an extended period of time. During the first 20 years of my career, I have worked on – and continue to work on – seven of those.

Here’s my seven bullet points to date:

  1. Use Forward-Looking Criteria When Selecting Collaboration Tools
  2. It Takes More Than Good Tools to Be Successful with Collaboration
  3. Evaluate the Possibilities of New Collaboration Tools with Scenarios
  4. Apply Intentional Energy to the Process of User Adoption
  5. Re-Imagine Effective Work to Transform Possibilities to Realities
  6. Build an Adoption Framework to Drive Effective Use
  7. Develop the Capability of People, Managers, and Leaders to Collaborate

Twelve Bullet Points

Latest Research Reports and Presentations

Here are Michael’s most recent research reports and presentations.

Embracing IBM Verse: Moving Beyond Technology to Gaining Value
In light of the current and roadmapped capabilities of IBM Verse, how do organizations derive value? In other words, what needs to happen to move the organization and its people towards effective use of both IBM Verse and complementary offerings like IBM Connections?
Embracing IBM Verse

Re-Imagining Effective Work
The presentation advocates the need for thinking beyond the immediate impacts of new technology on work practices, to the deeper and more long running impacts on organizational structure, culture, and even business model.
Re-Imagining Effective Work

Insights on Adoption (March 2015)
The March 2015 issue of Insights on Adoption is now available. In this issue:
– Opening Remarks
– Going Beyond Adoption 101
– The Adoption Challenge for IBM Connections
– Adoption Strategies for Unified Communications
– Let’s Work Together in 2015
– Resources on User Adoption
Insights on Adoption