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Michael Sampson advises organizations on Cultivating Productive Collaboration. The three focus areas are business strategy, human behaviour, and work practice. Business Strategy. Collaboration represents an intentional business strategy to seek the best in people, and create the conditions in which…


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We advise, consult to, debate with, and help people and organizations around the world on Cultivating Productive Collaboration through three pathways: professional services, in-house workshops, and speaking engagements. Professional Services tailored to your specific challenges. Services include Crafting a Collaboration…


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Michael has written six books on Cultivating Productive Collaboration, beginning with Seamless Teamwork in 2008. These have been written to educate, inform, inspire, and teach key principles of success with collaboration tools.

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Productivity Roadshow in March 2015, with ShareThePoint in New Zealand

Debbie Ireland and members of her team at ShareThePoint are touring the country with a SharePoint roadshow in March. The team will be running two hour seminars in 15 cities. Here’s the schedule: Introductions (5 minutes) ​Brief introduction and overview…

But we have the same Queen!

There has been some discussion in the UK about making it easier for New Zealand and Australian citizens to enter the country, among other members of Commonwealth countries: During a debate in parliament at Westminster this week it was argued…

Microsoft Surface Hub – Reinventing Meeting Dynamics

At the Windows 10 event today, Microsoft announced Surface Hub. It is intended to be used for collaborative meetings, brainstorming, and other group activities. It integrates with OneNote (for whiteboarding), Skype for Business (previously Lync) (for remote conferencing), and supports…


Insights on Adoption (March 2015)

[Newsletter March 2015] Michael’s latest thinking on being effective with user adoption. This issue looks at the progression from Adoption 101, and adoption strategies for unified communications. Get your copy.

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Developing a Strategic Approach to Microsoft Office 365 (my slides)

[Presentation] Thoughts on taking a strategic approach to Office 365, and two models to support this. View the presentation.

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Use and Adoption of IBM Connections: State of the Market 4Q2014

[Market Survey] What’s happening with IBM Connections around the world? Read the research report.

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